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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

  • Physicians have protected access to encrypted files off-site (at home or at hospital).

  • Finding a record like an ECG is only a couple of clicks away versus trying to find the information in a paper chart which can sometimes take hours to locate.

  • Electronic charts are more secure than paper charts because they require user name and password for access and create a thorough audit trial.

  • Physicians no longer have to waste time thumbing through charts; they can immediately and easily access information through intuitive electronic filing and labeling.

  • Every kind of diagnostic machine is now digital, which means the results can be easily and safely transferred to the EMR.

  • Physicians can change offices or work in any office and still have access to any patient record.

  • Patients can view the records with their physician right in the exam room.

  • Billing is much more efficient.

  • Medical records storage can be dramatically decreased.

  • Files and prescriptions are much easier to read.

  • Only a digitally captured and integrated test provides clean and clear test results that are not possible with scanned results from paper-based reports.

Advice on How to Get Started To Implement Electronics at the Point of Care

  • Get started now. The biggest mistake in implementing an EMR system is not doing anything.

  • Begin the process immediately to move away from a paper-based system.

  • Start slow and small; an incremental approach is usually best.

  • Determine what your practice can handle and take it one step at a time.

  • Find a system that makes it easier to move to an EMR environment eventually like the Midmark Diagnostics Groupís IQmark ECG system. It can be integrated in the EMR software by the EMR company. Also, data acquired on the IQmark devices prior to integration can be easily converted into the new system because the data is stored as digital records.

  • Donít push physicians too quickly; help make the implementation easy.

  • Determine how you can best work with some systems that you may already have in place.

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